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Sendio’s E-mail Security Platform is an appliance solution which eliminates spam and viruses. The appliance can be placed either onsite, in a private cloud or a public cloud.  The Sendio E-mail Security Platform (ESP) uses a user verification model and avoids filtering emails based on their content so it makes it ideal for companies operating in the sex and financia industries and has tremendous benefits within educational establishments.  First time email senders or unknown email contacts are challenged and asked to provide confirmation that they are a human sender and not a spam sending robot.  The robots don’t respond to these requests but human senders do (it’s as easy as replying to an email message).

Everyday you also receive an email to your inbox showing any emails which have been sent to you and are pending verification, so you can quickly accept them yourself.  You can even accept an email via your mobile device!

It is ideal for Financial, Educational and Legal establishments however we have companies from all sectors using the system.

The Sendio system also scans for viruses and phishing attempts in both directions. Outbound message recipients are added to the user’s personal accept contact list automatically. Once verified, all subsequent messages from that sender are assured of reaching the recipient’s inbox.

The Sendio solution to spam also integrates Silverlisting, a technology which includes a set of low-level SMTP tests to determine the legitimacy of the sending e-mail server.

We offer this service either as a hosted service, suitable for 1 to 50 users and also for larger companies with their own dedicated Sendio appliance.  We’ve been installing, maintaining and supporting Sendio based solutions in the UK since 2006 and we are the UK leader in Sendio solutions.

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